Friday, July 18, 2008

We know where we are going!!

Let me update on the past few days this week first.

Wed the boys and I went to dinner with a friend for her b-day and we also had cake back at her house. Jacob also had gymnastics and he did the entire boys level 4 routine on the rings with Coach Russ' help. Jacob has had issues going upside down and he did everything, the holds and all without complaining or freaking!! I was so proud of him that I had to go give him a big hug I just couldn't contain myself.

Thurs I almost finished working on Patrick's room. Just need to hang his shelf and sew the items in there. Just about all that was done yesterday :)

Today I went to JoAnns to get the fabric I needed for Patrick's room. I did also clean up my half of the garage and work on some crafty things yesterday so I could find the pattern for Patrick's room. I started working on a special scrapbook of Patrick to take to my Grandparents. I gave them one of Jake so now want to do that same with Patrick. While in the middle of that Alex's LtC called and told him we got our assignment. Not quite what we had hoped for, but it was on our list, and looks like it may be decent. Not too fond of the schools and no free charter school, not sure if we will look into Catholic or Home Schooling, may suplement with homeschooling. But the housing is gourgous!! Ok, I guess you want to know where, we are going to Barksdale, LA right by Shreveport. There is some real neat stuff there and it is just over 3 hours away from my Aunt and Uncle. We do not have to report until 30 Jan, will prob arrive either just after Christmas or by the 13th when their second semester starts. If anyone reading this lives there or has please leave me comments I want to know as much as I can. I have 6 months :) We are going to take a smooth move course that will give us a lot more information.

Tomorrow is back to our busy days. I will be coaching the baseball team, with some very helpful parents. I then work from 12 - 7. My parents will have Patrick for a portion of that because Alex and Jake will be fishing :) I am sending Alex with the camera again :) Still waiting on those photos from camp last week. Am going to work on that scrapbook again so I had to run to the base to see what info I could get :)

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